Essential Oil Car Care

Essential Oil Car Care

I decided to try out the car humidifier / essential oil diffuser since I looove the one I have for my home and office. I went through the reviews of several until I found one that had pretty positive results and wasn’t too costly. Well, the results are in and I must say we love it!! I had a cold for many weeks and decided to use the mint essential oil and it was amazing!!! Even my two boys loved it!


I waited a few weeks to post this so I could thoroughly test it out and make sure it would hold up and it totally did. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to try out some more scents as the seasons change. This product works great and I love the fact it’s chemical free and good for our driving environment, mentally and physically.

Make sure to check the amazing benefits of essential oils in this article.

Cheers to a happy healthy driving experience! Get your car humidifier & essential oils here.

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