• Become A Confident Car Buyer: Lori DiPasquale, CEO of Title Key Cash

    Does buying a car stress you out? Are you worried about being taken advantage of during the process? Car Expert Lori DiPasquale is the CEO & Founder of Title Key Cash, a company designed to empower people to become confident car buyers. In this episode, she gives useful tips and teaches you how to walk into a dealership with confidence. And if you want, she can take the entire car buying experience off your plate as well. You don't want to miss this episode!

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  • Conversation with Lori DiPasquale from TitleKeyCash.com

    Want to take charge of your car-buying experience and be “crazy confident?” Meet Lori DiPasquale who helps all people (mostly women) with a clear and transparent car buying experience.

    In a world where women drive 70%-80% of consumer purchases and rank their own needs last after the needs of their families’, Lori says, “it’s time we don’t settle for companies, products, or services that don’t put us firstor respect our place in the economy.”

    Lori joins us on the show this week to talk about her automotive concierge service – TKC – Title Key Cash!

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