Junk Cars ~ the final curtain

Junk Cars ~ the final curtain

When it has finally come time to say goodbye to good old betsy and let her move on to greener pastures you will need to do a few things to prepare for the proper send-off.

First you want to get the paperwork in order.

*Locate the Title to the vehicle

*Have your license to verify you are the owner (must match name(s) on Title) You will be signing on the seller portion of the title and the names must be the same.

*Keys if you have them

*Remove the license plates before pick up is scheduled if parked on private property. If the vehicle is in the street or public parking area, license plates usually need to be kept on to prevent being towed.

If you are driving the vehicle in, you can remove the plates when you drop off.

*Either way make sure you have your plates and that you surrender them to your Department of Motor Vehicle. This will insure you don’t get fined or prohibited from renewing your license/registration or worse, someone putting your plates registered to you on another vehicle.

Check with your state DMV for the rules and regulations of surrendering license plates.

  • Once you have your paperwork in order you can call local Salvage / Junk yards in your area to get a quote.
  • There are a lot of big 1-800  companies you can call but all they are doing is taking a portion of the money and setting it up with the same local businesses you can call direct.
  • Give 3 local places a call and be sure you give a clear representation of the car and answer the questions honestly. Not doing this will only leave you open to be chopped when they show up.
  • If you get one quote that is much higher than the rest it most likely will be the same amount when they get there. This is a tactic they use to get the business and once they arrive with cash in hand they are in the driver’s seat of the deal. So I would use one of the two that are close in range because that is the going price for junk cars.
  • Another way to make a few extra dollars is to drive it in, if the car runs and you drive it in it is almost always more money then if they have to pick it up.
  • Like with anything scrap values go up and down so these prices will fluctuate with the market and economy.


Now you can make room in your driveway, recycle your old car and get some cash in your pocket! For a complete checklist on how to execute your final farewell get the Junk My Car Offer Sheet. This will cover all the questions and paperwork you need to have a smooth transaction.


After spending years working in the used auto business and being surrounded by the final resting place of some of the most memorable cars, I can say it was one of my most favorite places. As they say, one woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure!

Be sure to check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicle for any Title issues/questions or on how to surrender your license plates. Every State is different so be clear on what they expect.

Lori DiPasquale
CEO & Founder
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