Spring Into Summer Car Care

Spring Into Summer Car Care

Now is the time for all things fresh and new. Which means there are many things to do to gear up for the spring and summer months and your car should absolutely be one of them!


After months of neglect, colds, salt, ice, snow and much more havoc in and outside your vehicle it is time for a spring cleaning. What better time than National Car Care Month🎉


I will cover some of the things I like to clean out, change and check before the start of all the summer fun and many road trips (especially to the beach)!


Today I am going to go over and show you how to replace your vehicle’s cabin air filter.

I ALWAYS do this twice a year, I suggest fall and without a doubt spring.

   * I suggest visiting your local auto parts store to ensure you get the correct one for your vehicle. They can look  everything up for you so you don't get the wrong one.

 The cabin air filter is what traps pollen, bacteria,exhaust gases and dust from getting into your vehicle’s ventilation system. When not changed it can leave the air quality not so great especially those with allergies or health issues.

I find it most important to do after the long winter cold and flu season as well as getting into allergy season to make the air as fresh as possible inside your vehicle.


Here are few fun accessories I like to add for the spring & summer 🌈🌼



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