The Car Buying Sweet Spot ~ do you know where yours is

The Car Buying Sweet Spot ~ do you know where yours is

Did you know there is a sweet spot of how much you should spend on the purchase price of a vehicle and it’s based solely on you, your budget and future goals.

You should only be spending 15%-20% of your annual income on the Purchase Price of a vehicle.

Everyone’s will be different and that is because everyone’s goals, dreams, wants, needs and lifestyles are very different.

I believe we all have one common goal and that is to determine where our money goes and to defend it’s honorable dispersement on things that make us feel empowered and special.

If you have to make a large payment every month for something that brings you anger, fear  and resentment it is only going to bring more of that into your life. 

This is why we must find the sweet spot of our own car purchase and feel so good about our money going towards it that it brings us joy and happiness when we drive.

I work with so many people who come to me with horror stories of a previous purchase or have been stuck in what seems like an endless nightmare of car payments and negative equity.


I’m here to say it does not have to be this way!


There is a structure to getting what you want and feeling good about it every step of the way.

First things first, you need to evaluate your current car situation and see where you stand financially in this purchase. Are you under water do you have some equity in it or perhaps you are starting fresh and have no car at the present moment.

Either way, sit down and run the numbers.

You will want to establish a car buying budget, which is based on your income coming in minus all your expenses going out to see exactly what you have left over

Then depending on the outcome you will need to determine how much of that you are willing to spend on a vehicle purchase. Remember it is between 15%-20% of your annual income so you will have to see what works for you, your sweet spot.

Then you can determine a monthly payment you are willing to spend based on your income and expenses and this should be somewhere around 10% of your monthly income.

During this work you will want to think about your current and future money goals and what is most important to arriving there, sooner rather than later.

A fancy expensive car that is eating up most of your budget that is depreciating by the day or a safe, efficient, sweet and nice looking car that is totally budget friendly and makes you feel good about where you’re going.

Think about your why when picking out a car for a purchase and make sure it aligns with where you want to go and who you are, not what you want someone else to think you are.

Remember it is you in the end who is responsible for this purchase and whether it is a burden or a blessing.

Drive with purpose,
CEO & Founder & Girls Guide to Car Buying
Become A Confident Car Buyer!

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