Tricks & Tools You'll Want To Know For Fun Safe Travels

Tricks & Tools You'll Want To Know For Fun Safe Travels

Keep your cool and enjoy your road trips this year with these tricks & tools 🛠

 Air Quality - Do you know what could be lurking in your air if you have not changed

Changed your cabin air filter? Be sure to replace it at least once a year in the Spring!

It traps pollutants, pollen,dust,bacteria & exhaust fumes from circulating into your ventilation system. A clean filter can ease allergies, asthma & help maintain the quality of your vehicles heating and cooling system.

Air Fresheners -  They may smell good but  most are highly toxic and not good for you.

They are full of things you would never voluntarily put into your environment to breath in. Get rid of them to improve the cabin air conditions especially if you suffer from any respiratory conditions.

 Try a natural alternative like an essential oil car diffuser.

 Keep Your Cool - Do an A/C check to make sure everything is in top working condition.

Test the airflow from all vents and that the air remains the proper temperature.

If any issues are occuring be sure to get it inspected by a qualified technician who has the proper equipment.

A/C units are complex and can be dangerous if don’t know what you’re doing. Plus the freon is extremely harmful to the ozone so leave it to the professionals.


Check Your Fluids- Even if you did this in the start of Winter it is time to check them again.

Check your oil level and color especially if it’s been a while since your last oil change.

If it looks dark and dirty then it’s time for a change.

Be sure to check the levels of brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid if applicable and your transmission fluid

 Be sure if any fluids are low after being recently changed or topped off that there is not a leak somewhere.

 Belts & Hoses- Check all your belts and hoses to be sure nothing is worn out and at the end of its life. They usually suggest replacing them after 36,000 miles.

A broken belt or busted hose could cause a vehicle to overheat and no one wants that especially during the hot summer months.

 Wipers- After a long rough winter it may be time to replace your wipers again so be sure to get new ones if they are doing any of these…

It’s a quick and inexpensive fix!

 Brakes- Check out the brakes and be sure they are in good working order.

Some signs they may need replacing are

*Brake pedal becomes very resistant

*Brake pedal rests too low or too high

*Dash light warning

*Grinding or scraping sound when braking

 Make Em’ Fancy

Add a little color to your brakes during your next brake job.

*There are tons of tutorials for you diy’ers out there🛠

 Accessorize your car to match your personality

 Tires & Battery- Be sure to check all tires and that they are at the manufacturer's suggest PSI, which can be located in the driver's side door jam or the owner’s manual.

Take a quick look at your battery as well to see if it looks clean and is free from any debris on the terminals and posts.

Get it Professionally Cleaned- A good detail is necessary especially after a long winter of salt covered roads. This will help maintain the paint life on your vehicle as well as keep rusting as bay. Plus who doesn’t love driving a perfectly clean car.

Wishing you safe & fun travels this summer 🌈🌻😎

Courage + Confidence, 
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